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Setting up new Absolute Automation user is a two-step process:

1) In Salesforce, enable Absolute Automation:?name=media_1386201894649.png


Go to the Emails tab > Admin > Users sub tab

a) Check Use Absolute Automation for each user you want to enable email logging.

b) Double-check that the Email Addresses are correct for this user. Click Edit if you need to correct or add any email addresses. Often people have email aliases (, which you can add one per line.

c) Click Save

Note: we recommend enabling Save Attachments but leaving Auto-create Contacts unchecked as a good starting point. Enable the Email Administrator permission if you want this user to have access to this same Emails > Admin page.

2) Setup Email Forwarding:


Go to the Emails tab > Admin > Preferences sub tab click on your Email Forwarding Instructions link.


Select your email environment from both the inbound (1) and outbound (2) drop down menus to set up email forwarding.

Note: If you set up your inbound and outbound email forwarding at the server level all you need to do is make sure this user's email is added to these server rules


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