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Adaptive Widgets

This feature uses our Neuralytics platform to automatically adjust the Standings Bar to include statistics relevant to reaching the Target KPIs selected for each PowerStandings Team. Having intermediate steps to an important target at the forefront of your agents' minds helps them stay focused and motivated as they reach for the milestones you've set for them.

The secondary KPI chosen is not only automatic, but intelligent. Our Nerualytics platform takes into account a variety of information specific to each agent to show the statistic most strongly correlated to success in reaching the Target KPI for them. The widget choice refreshes each night, and if appropriate, shifts to a better one as it refines the best approach in each situation.

Setting up Adaptive Widgets

Setting up an Adaptive Widget is easy. Go to the Edit Team page by clicking the Manage PowerStandings link on the Administrative tab, and then clicking PowerStandings Teams, and thenEdit next to the team you'd like to add the widget to.

Notice the Target KPI on the page. This should be the KPI you want this team to focus on. If you wish, you can take this opportunity to change the Target KPI. Your Adaptive Widgets will present statistics that are related to the KPI selected here.

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Next, edit or add a widget on the Standings Bar by clicking the pencil icon above a widget space:

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This will bring up the Edit Widget window. Use the Type dropdown and select Adaptive. Then click Ok.

Click Save.

That's it! The widget you selected will now automatically and intelligently display a secondary statistic relevant to achieving the Target KPI.

If you want to, you can repeat this process to set up more than one Adaptive Widget on the same Standings Bar. Creating multiple Adaptive Widgest will provide additional stats relevant to the Target KPI, and will not repeat the same information multiple times.

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