Additional Call Fields

In addition to the standard call log fields, we provide some additional log fields which you can optionally include. The bulk of these fields are for inbound calls, but there are also a few for outbound.

The purpose is to provide additional reporting insight into activities. For example, the optional Call Answered field helps you build reports identifying the percentage of inbound calls that are answered or missed; the Wait Time field helps you compare average wait times across ACDs, and so on.

To learn how to set these additional call log fields in your task click here.

Optional Inbound Data Fields
Field Name Information Displayed
Inbound Number Dialed The number the caller dialed.
Call Answered Indicates whether the call was answered (Yes or No)
Call Failover Indicates whether the call came after a failover (Yes or No)
Wait Time How long the caller waited before the line was picked up.
Failover Number Indicates the failover number the call used, if applicable.
Route to Owner Indicates whether the call was routed to the record owner (Yes or No)
Route to Last Caller Indicates if the call was routed to the last caller of the record (Yes or No).
Local Presence Indicates either: Whether the incoming call was placed to a local presence number, or whether an outbound call was made with a LocalPresense caller ID. (Yes or No).
Inbound Caller-ID The caller's phone number.
ACD Name The ACD Name the inbound call was placed.
Day of Week Post the day of week the call was received.

Optional Outbound Data Fields
Field Name Information Displayed
Phone Dialed The number that was dialed
Dialer Type Where the call originated - Click-to-Call, Seek List, or Domino list.
List Name If it was a list (Seek or Domino), the name of the list.
Query Name If it was from a Seek list, the name of the query that placed the record in the queue.
Day of Week Post the day of week the call was made.

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