Associate call history to multiple records

Call log tasks can be linked to multiple records simultaneously, using Salesforce's standard task "who" and "what" associations. Salesforce doesn't actually refer to them that way, we’ve just found it the easiest way to make the distinction). "Who" refers to the lead or contact involved in the activity, "what" refers to a related object connected to the contact (account, opportunity, case, custom object).

Using this method we can link call logs to both an account and contact, for example.

Which object parents / children have access to a call log are determined as follows:

  1. Calls to leads are only ever logged with leads (leads don't follow the "who" / "what" record paradigm the way contacts and accounts do).
  2. Calls made directly to accounts are only logged with the account.
  3. Calls made to contact records are logged with both the contact and the contact's associated account.
  4. Calls made to a case, opportunity, or custom object will generally link to the object's related contact, and the record itself.

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