ARRAY Used to create a series of values
BLANK Used to insert a blank value in an array
COUNTDISTINCT Used to count each unique value. Returns a single value
GROUP Used to remove duplicates from an array
GROUPBY Collects values based on aggregation method and merges values using specified method
LOOKUP Used to reconcile data from two sources in an array
MAP Produces a new array of values by mapping each item in values through a transformation expression. The ‘variable name’ should be given as text
PADVALUES Returns selected values with “padding” values
REPEAT Used to duplicate a value
REPLACE Use to replace value with another
REVERSE Use to display values in the opposite order they appear in data source
SELECT Used to select values that evaluate true in the condition
SET Sets the values of variables and returns the results from the expression. The ‘variable names’ should be given as text
SLICE Used to provide data between specified “start” and “end” values. Removes first value if no “start” and “end” values specified
SORT Used to return values in order specified. The type element takes the following values: “asc”, “desc”, “ascnumeric”, “descnumeric”
SPLICE Used to shift order of values in selection
TRIM Used to remove values from data selection
By default, removes all blank values

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