Date and Time Functions




COUNT_DAYS Counts the number of whole days between the given start and end dates, excluding any identified dates
DATE Accepts a date string and returns the epoch for that date
DATE_ADD Adds the given unit amount to the date; use negative amounts to subtract
DATE_CLOSEST Finds the closest day of the week either before or after the given dates, including the given dates
DATE_CONVERT Converts the given values form one date format to another
DATE_ENDOF Retrieves the end date of the given unit relative to the given date
DATE_IN Determines if a date is in the given time period
DATERANGE Returns all dates between the specified start and end dates
DATE_SET Sets time units to specific values for each of the given dates
DATE_STARTOF Retrieves the start date of the given unit relative to the given date
DATE_UNITVALUE Retrieves the value of the given unit from the given dates
DATEVALUE Accepts a numeric date and returns the date using the specified format
NOW Returns the current numeric epoch date and time
TODAY Returns the current numeric epoch date
YESTERDAY Returns the numerical date for yesterday

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