Text Functions

CAPITALIZE Changes the first letter in each word to uppercase
CONCAT Takes a set of values and concatenates them into one string
CONTAINS ("haystack", "needle")
Tests each value in haystack to see if it contains value specified in needle
JOIN Takes a set of values and joins those values with a comma
LASTINDEXOF Returns a vector of data containing the first index position of the last occurrence of ‘search text’.
LEFT Returns the first character or specified number of characters in a text string
LOWER Changes all characters within a selected range to lowercase
NUMBERFORMAT Takes a set of values, treats them as numbers and return them as text
RIGHT Returns last character on the right, or the specified number of characters starting on the right
SUBSTITUTE Takes a selection of values and replaces them with the text provided
UPPER Changes all characters within specified range to uppercase
URLENCODE Encodes data to be safely used in URLs (UTF-8)

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