How to Build a Horizontal Chart

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  • Learn how to build a horizontal mini chart to visualize the highest and lowest values.


A horizontal mini chart is a formatting option that is available in the Table component. It provides a compact visualization for a number of important key metrics. For example, you might want to show the relative performance between a number of product categories compared to the overall budget value.

Note: The horizontal mini chart is one of five mini chart formats you can select from the Table component. Pictured also is the Mini Chart Win /Loss format.

Building a Horizontal Mini Chart Widget

  1. Select Build a New Widget.
  2. Select the Table component and your data source file.
  3. Populate a Column with a range of values.
  4. Select the Properties panel.
    1. Type in a name for the Column Header.
    2. Optional: Adjust the column width.
    3. From the Format as field, use the drop down menu, and select Mini Chart: Horizontal.
    4. Optional: Select a Custom Range or let Active Insights determine a presentation style.
    5. Choose whether to hide range background or select a different range color for maximum visual impact.
    6. Important: From the Results Row field, you can select Custom, to add a results component, with its own Data panel, to the component tree.
  5. Select the Indicators panel.
  6. Use relational operators to specify if conditions for when to display an icon, change a color, change a style, or replace with text.

Tip: You can create a condition using values from a second column. For example, if the Data column is less than 5 display a green icon. Where Data is a reference to the second column of values (5, 10, 15). Remember to hide this column in your final Widget.

  1. Click the Save button.
  2. Type a name for your Widget.
  3. Click the Finished button.

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