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  • Learn how to send a tab from Active Insights Dashboard to an email address.


You can quickly email a tab and all of its Widgets from Active Insights Dashboard to allow others to visualize the data in your Widgets.

You can select from one of two file formats, a pdf file or an image file. The image of a tab is displayed in the body of an email. A pdf of a tab is attached as a file attachment.

How to email a tab and all of its Widgets

    1. Locate the tab containing the Widgets you want to email.
    2. On the top right of the tab, select the Widget Menu icon.
    3. Select Share, Email Tab.
    4. From the Email this Tab window, provide the following information:
        1. Email address.

      Tip: Use a semi-colon to send to multiple email addresses.

      1. Optional: Add a comment for the intended recipient.
      2. Choose to send as either a PDF or Image file.
    5. The following options are available when sending a tab as a PDF file.
      1. Layout format: Portrait or Landscape
      2. Size.Note: The checkbox, Resize to fit one page, displays all Widgets on one page by reducing the font size.
      3. Check box to include Annotations. Annotations are listed at the end of a report.
      4. Quality. For a larger file size consider lowering the quality by selecting the Low (better for large images) checkbox.
    6. The following options are available when sending a tab as an Image file.
      1. Width. Use current width (as the tab appears on the dashboard) or specify a Custom width by specifying the number of pixels.
      2. Format: PNG (default) or JPG (for a larger image).
      3. Select a Theme of either Light or Dark.
    7. Click the Send Now button.

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