Call Quality Definitions

These definitions will help you identify any call quality issues you may experience.

See Call Quality Button for more information on how to use the reporting button.

Quality Issue Definition Example
Call Static Extra noise, similar to what you hear if your radio is out of tune. Conversation may still be audible, but is masked with electrical disturbances. Listening to a radio station that is slightly out of tune.
Call Choppy Conversation breaks up, or only partial words are audible. "He--o ho- -re you do-- to-ay?"
Low Audio Volume The audio volume is very low. This can change mid-conversation, from the beginning of the conversation, or only affect one member of the conversation. This can easily be confused with microphone sensitivity or soft voices. “Hello how are you doing today?” “I’m sorry, what? I can’t hear you” “I said how are you doing?”
Delay in Audio Each person's voice is delayed and out of sync, making conversation slow. Participants also often talk over each other. "How are you doing today?" *pause* "Doing fine, how are you?" *pause* "Great! The reason I called…"
Call Dropped Mid-call The call is suddenly disconnected without either party hanging up; you may or may not hear a beep notification of the call ending. “I was going to ask you if ----” (silence) “Hello? Are you still there?”
Call Did Not Connect The agent leg is established, but placing a dial does not establish the client leg. You place a dial. Your station phone rings and you answer it to establish the agent leg, but nothing happens after that. The system does not call the client.
Delay After Click The call takes numerous seconds to connect the client leg after initiating the call. You click Dial to make your next consecutive call and it takes 5+ seconds to hear ringing and initiate the call.
Other Other call disturbances such as echo, jitter, robotic voice, one-way audio, underwater sound, etc.  

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