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Choosing the ACD Type that's Best for You

There are four ACD types to choose from. The ACD type you choose for any given ACD is up to you. Consider the priorities of your company and agents, your business model and commission structure, and the specific type of calls coming into each ACD.

The table below includes information about each type and some suggestions to help inform your decision.

ACD Type
Setup Field
How the Setting Works Use This Setting if... Priority Likely Attributes of Your Business
Longest Available Users who have been set to "Available" the longest get the calls first, regardless of whether they are already on an outbound call.

• You always want the agents who have been waiting the longest to get the inbound calls.

• You want to be sure not to punish agents for making outbound calls in the meantime.

Fairness to agents based on availability time for inbound calls.

• Higher call volumes.

• Being fair to your agents is more important than answering speed.

Most Ready

Calls go to the agent who:

1) Is already connected to the Agent Leg

2) Is not already on an outbound call AND

3) Has been marked as "Available" the longest.

• You want to reward agents for making themselves available and connecting to the agent leg.

• You don't want to risk agents abandoning an outbound call to accept an incoming one.

• You don't mind slightly less incentive to make outbound calls in the name of increased answering speed for inbound calls.

Balanced between answering speed and fair distribution of calls.

• Higher Call Volumes.

• Inbound calls need to be answered quickly but fairly.

Round Robin Calls are sent to whichever agent has gone the longest without getting a call, regardless of previous availability settings.

• You want calls distributed evenly.

• You want to be careful not to punish agents for leaving their desk for work-related activities.

• You probably have a relatively low call volume - each call really matters to agents.

Fairness to agents based on how long it's been since they've been given a call.

• Lower Call Volumes.

• Agents have other work-related responsibilities, but still consider inbound calls valuable.

Group Ring Calls are all sent to all agents at the same time. Whoever accepts the call first gets it. • How many calls each agent gets is unimportant. You just want calls answered as quickly as possible. Fast response time. • Inbound calls are especially urgent.

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