Creating Seek Lists


Seek lists are particularly powerful for organizations whose lead and prospect database changes regularly from day to day and week to week. New leads come in and need to be contacted, aging leads need to have persistent effort applied, targeted campaigns need specific follow-up, and so on.

Seek lists dramatically improve these processes. They will help you increase contact rates, while saving time and increasing productivity for users.

Seek Lists can be pre-programmed to include or exclude the entities Leads, Accounts, and Contacts in a dialer queue, based on the time zone the entity resides in, how many times it has been dialed, the current status disposition, the original source of the lead, and much more.


  1. Open the Main tab from the top menu ribbon.
  2. Click on the InsideSales logo.
  3. Select IS Administration.
  4. Select Seek Lists.
  5. Choose to either create a New List or Edit an existing list.
  6. The following screen of general settings will open:
  7. In the first section titled List Information, the only required field is Name, where you must give your list a name.  If desired, you can click on the “- -“ symbol next to Limit Calling Time and Time Between Calls (min) to set these values.
  8. Limit Calling Time enables you to avoid placing calls outside a set block of time and avoid making calls too early or late based on the time zone of the prospect.  Clicking on the “- -“ symbol will open a drop down from which you can select a starting time. 

    Once you select a time, such as 8 AM, the drop down will disappear and the Select on the left will be replaced by the time you chose.  In order to choose the hour to close your calling time block, click the remaining Select and then click on the desired hour and the drop down will close.  You MUST select an hour on the right later than the starting hour on the left.  The system will use the area code of the phone number you are calling to determine whether that number falls within the calling time.

    Limit calling times might not be 100% accurate as there are some area codes that span multiple time zones, and some cell numbers may be for a prospect residing in a time zone different than their area code.

    If you want a record to remain out of your calling queue for a designated amount of time once it has been called, you can use the Time Between Calls (min) field to designate the amount of time.  If you set 120 minutes, then after you call a record, that record will not present itself again until 2 hours has passed.

  9. In the next section Assign Users, select who you wish to have access to the list.  If you select Visible to specific users, a dropdown will appear to the right of that field where you can select the users you wish to grant access to.
  10. Click + New Schedule to add a schedule query.

  11. After the above window pops up, set the criteria you wish to be used in selecting what leads (or other object type) will be pulled into the list.  Below are some definitions to the available criteria:
  12. Adjust time blocks to set the priority.  You can drag time blocks to adjust the start and end time or move them up and down to adjust the priority. We recommend that you overlap the time blocks in case a list runs out of records. The system will automatically provide records from the next time block list. Ideally your lower priority lists should never run out of records.
  13. When finished, click OK.

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