Creating Voice Messages

The Voice Message Manager lets you view, record, and store messages to use with the PowerDialer, ACDs, and IVRs.

To access the voice message manager, click Admin tab > Voice Message Manager

The interface is extremely simple—click the hyperlink on the message name to view a message's current properties, or click Edit to make changes.

REMEMBER: using the voice message manager requires having the default phone number field correctly entered in your user profile, so the dialer server knows where to call you to make recordings.

Adding a Voice Message

Voice message content can be created in one of two ways:

  • Pre-recorded as an industry standard .WAV file and uploaded, OR
  • Recorded directly to the dialer system via a standard telephone call.
  • To start, click Add Voice Message, which will take you to the creation screen.

To make a recording manually directly over the phone, copy and paste, or type out the script for your message in the window. We typically recommend that you write up a script to at least loosely follow when you create a recording; it will help make the message consistent. Read through it several times to make sure it sounds the way you want. When ready, click the Create button. The system will save the script, and immediately patch the dialer system to your phone to record the message.

If you're not sitting next to the phone specified in your employee profile, you’ll want to temporarily update your profile with a different number, so the dialer server can reach you.

When the phone rings, pick it up and listen to the options.

  • Option 1 will let you listen to the existing message recording (if there isn’t one, it will simply be a second of dead air).
  • Option 2 let’s you record your new message over the telephone. As soon as you press 2, you’ll hear a beep, and you’re now live! Record your message into the hand set just as it appears in the script. When finished, press the pound key (#), and you’ll be sent back to the main message loop, where you can listen to the recording to make sure it sounds the way you want it to, or record it a second time.

Once saved, your new recording is immediately available to use.

Adding a audio file

To add a .WAV file, you must first make sure it is recorded with the proper specifications. .WAV files must be encoded as:

  • 16-bit sample size
  • 1 Channel (Mono)
  • 8 khz sample rate
  • PCM codec
  • Size of file can't be larger than 2 MB

If your file is encoded as an MP3, or in standard Redbook/CD Quality WAV (16-bit, Stereo, 44.1 Khz sample rate), you'll need to downmix it using a digital audio editing program.

We make no recommendations of software that can be used to do this; there are any number of utilities available. However, many of the "free" and "open source" file conversion software packages do not include the ability to change WAV file mixing specifications. The utilities we have used that have the necessary options are:

  • Adobe Soundbooth (bundled with various Adobe Creative Suite products)
  • NCH Switch Audio File Converter ($40)
  • Xilisoft Audio Converter ($30)
  • dBPoweramp Music Converter ($38)

Once you have your file created, and saved in the appropriate format, click the Browse button on the voice message creation window, and find the saved file (obviously you can type out the script for the message for reference, but it's not required). Once finished, click Save, and the Voice Message Manager will upload your audio file on to the dialer server.

After completing the upload, the system will automatically call your phone to give you the chance to listen to the message. Follow the prompts on the head set.

  1. Press 1 to listen to the recording and make sure it uploaded correctly.
  2. If you don't hear anything and get sent immediately back to the prompt menu, it means the recording did not upload. Go back and make sure that your recording meets all of the requirements.
  3. When you're satisfied, hang up.

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