Deleting and Purging Data

Deleting Data uses the same paradigm as most operating systems when it comes to deleting and removing data—first data gets sent to a "trash can," or "semi-deleted" state, where it can later be re-activated or purged from the system entirely.

Anywhere in the system you see the option to "Delete" data, you're in essence sending it to the "Trash Can," though we don't call it that. Data that has been "Deleted" is actually still physically present in the system, with all of its information intact, it's just that it's ignored by the active database. Any time you run a search or a report, the system automatically ignores all data flagged as "Deleted," even though technically the record object still exists.

There's a couple of good reasons for doing this. Obviously it's just safer that way; we don't want users accidentally purging data from the system without warning. If a record accidentally gets deleted, all the user has to do is search for the record using the Advanced Search option to Show Deleted entries. When they find it, the record can be "Undeleted."

Second, if managers want to run long-term historical reports, they may want to include data that was previously "deleted" to increase report accuracy. In this case, they could go back and undelete relevant data sets to be included in the report.

In other words, don't hesitate to delete a record, since it will be in the trash can later, but permanently purging data from the system should be done judiciously.

Like any other action, data can be mass deleted (and undeleted) using the Mass Update tool inside any record object tab.

Purging Data

To permanently purge data, you first need to run an Advanced Search with the Show Deleted parameter selected. After your search runs, use the Mass Update tool, and select Purge.

As always, the tool will give you the option to purge just the records you have checkmarked, or all search results.

If you continue, the system will give you a stern warning that purging data is permanent, and to make sure you really want to do it. If there's any hesitation, click Cancel and think about it. Otherwise, click okay, and your data will permanently be removed, never to be seen again.

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