Email Tips

If you have an entire series of emails that will use a similar format, try creating a single template as a default, and then use the template clone option to copy it numerous times, making the needed changes as you go along.

Since the emails are HTML-based, a hard carriage return (pressing the Enter key) creates a two-line space, not a single space. To create a single line space, press Shift + Enter at the same time.

Before sending out an email, whether singly or en masse, do a couple of test runs to one of your inboxes to make sure the content is showing up correctly.

A "Text Only" formatting option is also available to you in case graphics, fonts and colors are not paramount to your marketing strategy. This means your recipients will be able to focus on the strength of your message rather than dazzling style. To switch to text mode in the "Edit Email Template" page use the radio button for "Text only" next to the WYSIWGY editor.

If you are also using the InsideSales auto-fax capabilities, your email templates will be the SAME TEMPLATES used when sending faxes.

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