Enabling Email Relay

Email Relay is only available to Enterprise and Unlimited Editions.

As of April 2007, Email Relay is not visible by default in You must first ask your account executive to make the "Email Relay" option visible in your Setup area. may reply with a series of questions before enabling this feature. The questions (and the desired answers) are here:

What domain names will this apply to, and what mailserver will we relay to?

Relay for all domains; relay to

Is the mailserver configured to relay mail from these IPs:,,,


Who is the primary contact person responsible for the mailserver?

John Hart
iHance, Inc.

Will this mailserver use TLS?


In, go to "Setup > Administration Setup > Email Administration > Email Relay Activation".

If the "Email Relay Activation" option isn't visible, contact your account executive.

Use "" as the host, and fill in the rest of the fields like so:

Click "Save".

Under Setup, navigate to Email Administration > Deliverability.

In the section Email Security Compliance, uncheck the box next to Enable Sender ID Compliance. If you fail to do this, emails will be delivered, but not tracked. This modifies how emails are sent from Salesforce so they are no longer sent from

That's it!

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