Enterprise MSI Installer

The new MSI installer will allow system administrators to remotely install the Outlook plugin.

Access this installer from within the Acount Settings tab of the Vision WebApp.

To install:

  • Do a User-based install (instead of a computer install).
  • Choose the Advanced package deployment method.
  • Set the package as Assigned and Installed at Login.

To upgrade:

  • Do a User-based install (instead of a computer install).
  • Create a new package and choose the Advanced package deployment method.
  • Go to the upgrades tab and select the package you want to upgrade.
  • Mark the box to upgrade over existing package without uninstalling and the checkbox that says the upgrade is Mandatory.
  • When upgrading an upgrade, select the most recent upgrade as the package you want to update..


  • The domain clients will refresh the policy about every 90 minutes (depending on domain settings), and users will not have the package installed until the policy updates. There is no way to force this to happen from the domain controller, but clients can run a gpupdate to get it immediately with the command:
    gpupdate /force /logoff
  • If the client does not have .NET and VSTO installed, it may take as much as 15 minutes for these to install. Until then, the user will get an error upon opening Outlook saying Vision could not be installed.

    Administrators can avoid the delay by installing these prerequisites before installing the Vision Plugin:

  • Uninstalling the Vision plugin from the domain controller will NOT uninstall .NET and VSTO.

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