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Adding a License

To add the license:

  1. Go to the Administrative tab.
  2. Click the Billing Information link.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. In the licensing purchase menu, click the checkbox for Recording & Monitoring.
  5. Enter your first name and last name in the form to authorize the change in licenses.
  6. Click I Accept.
  7. The recording and monitoring features are now activated.

Setting Up Recording Options

The next step is to establish the basic rules of operation for the recording feature. By default, the system doesn't capture any recordings unless it is told do so.

To set the recording calls automatically, go to the Administrative tab, and then click Manage Employees > View Employees.

Then click the name of the employee you'd like to record. Then click Edit.

Notice the setting entitled Call Recording Ratio, and the related Minimum Record Time setting.

The Call Recording Ratio tells the system what fraction of the user's calls should be recorded. In the example, we've set the user's recording ratio to 1/2—we're going to record 50% of their total call volume. This ratio is approximate, and the calls selected by the system for recording are not chosen in a pattern that will be obvious to them.

The Minimum Recording Time field specifies how long (in seconds) a call must last for the system to keep the recording. Calls shorter than this time may have a recording generated, but will be deleted immediately following the completion of the call.

The Call Recording Ratio and Minimum Recording Time settings can also be changed for multiple users at once. To do this, go to the Administrative tab and click Manage Employees > View Employees. Then click the boxes next to the employees whose settings you'd like to change.

Then use the dropdown labeled Mass Update the Following and select the desired setting. This will bring up a dialogue box with the relevant field. Enter the desired values and click Update Items to finalize your choices.

Recording a Specific Call as an Admin

You can use the the Recording column on the Call Monitoring page to turn recording on and off at any time while an agent is on a call. Click ON to turn on recording or OFF to turn it off.

Allowing Agents to Record Specific Calls

You can give your agents the ability to be sure specific calls are recorded. To do this, add the Record Call button to their dialer panel. Clicking this button will record the current call from that point forward until the call has ended.

For more information on customizing dialer panels, see the page of this guide entitled Managing Dialer Panels.

Downloading Recordings

Recordings are stored in a central file storage area in your LMP. To get there, go to the Files tab.

Then click the + symbol next to the Files folder.

Recordings of inbound calls will be under the Inbound Recorded Calls folder. Recordings of outbound calls will be under the Power Dialer Recorded Calls folder.

As shown above, recordings in these folders are organized by date and employee name. To download a recording, click on it to bring up its detailed information in the main window. Then click Download Selected.

You can also download multiple recordings at once using this process. Hold CTL or SHIFT on your keyboard to highlight multiple files at once. When you click Download Selected, the files will be downloaded together into a .zip file.

You can also find recordings made with a particular lead by visiting the Leads tab and cliking the person's name. Recordings will be available under the Notes & Attachments section as shown below:

If the call was made recently, you'll see a button labeled Listen under the Description column. Click this button to hear the recording.

Within 24 hours, the call is moved to its place in storage. To hear a call that has passed this threshold, click the Edit button under the Action column next to the recording you want to hear. Then click the .gsm file next to the Current File label to download it.

The recordings are compressed using the GSM audio codec. These files will play on most audio software players, such as Windows Media player, iTunes, or VLC.

Be aware that there is a storage limit for recordings on your PowerDialer system. If you exceed the recording storage limit, you'll incur additional storage fees, so be sure to download backup copies of your recordings, and then delete the originals regularly.

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