These are two nearly identical reports, with only a single filter setting differentiating them (whether LocalPresence is on or off, obviously). The report shows a percentage of live answered calls with LocalPresence enabled or not.

LocalPresence "On"

  1. Create a new Activities >> Activities with Leads type report in Salesforce. You may need to click the Show More link in the report type list to see it.
  2. Set the default filters.
    • Show: "All Activites"; "Open and Completed"; "Tasks and Events"
    • Date Field: "Date"
    • Range: "Current and Previous Calendar Quarter"
  3. Add the following custom field filters:
    • LocalPresence Used equals "True"
    • Call Type equals "Outbound"
    • Call Result not equal to "" (blank)
    • Call Result not equal to "Wrong Number,Bad Number,Set Callback,Transfer" <<< Notice that there are no spaces between the comma-separated entried.
  4. Under the Preview heading, change the format dropdown from "Tabular" to "Matrix" format.
  5. Remove unnecessary detail columns by clicking the Remove All Columns link.
  6. Now we need to add a bucket field to group call results together. Double-click Add Bucket Field and edit the settings as follows:
    • Source Column: "Call Result"
    • Bucket Field Name: "Call Result"
    • Add a New Bucket titled "Answered."
    • Add a New Bucket titled "No Answer."
    • Click the Search button in the upper-right corner to display a list of call result values.
    • Checkmark "Contact," "Correct Contact," and "Left Live Message" and use the Move To button to assign them to the "Answered" bucket.
    • Checkmark "Busy," "Left Voicemail," and "No Answer" and use the Move To button to assign them ot the "No Answer" bucket.
    • Leave the "Bad Number," "Set Callback," and "Wrong Number" call results unassigned.
    • Make sure the Show unbucketed values as "Other" box remains unchecked.
  7. Our bucket field is the only field we're going to add to the matrix. Drag our new Call Result bucket into the matrix row grouping area.
  8. Next we need to create the visual chart. Click Add Chart and edit the following settings:
    • Select Type: Pie Chart (fourth icon from the left)
    • Values: "Record Count"
    • Wedges: "Call Result"
    • Click OK to finish.
  9. The report's ready to save! Click the Save button, add it to a report folder, and you're done.

LocalPresence "Off"

This report is identical to LocalPresence "On", except that the field filter for Local Presence Used should be changed to "False."

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