This report helps chart how effective specific reps are at producing one or more desired call results. For this report we've assumed that "Correct Contact" is the the primary result; feel free to adjust this as needed when you create your "bucket" grouping(s).

  1. Create a new Activities >> Tasks and Events type report in Salesforce.
  2. Set up the following filters:
    • Show: "All Activities," "Open and Completed Activities," "Tasks and Events"
    • Date Field, Range: "Last 90 Days"
    • Custom Field Filter, Call Type: equals "Outbound"
    • Custom Field Filter, Call Result: not equal to "" (that's blank, or an empty value)
    • Custom Field Filter, Call Result: no equal to "Transfer, Set Callback"
  3. Change the report type from "Table" to "Matrix."
  4. Click the Remove All Columns link to remove superfluous detail fields.
  5. Find the Activity Information >> Assigned field and drag it into the matrix row grouping.
  6. Add a new Bucket Field, and give it the following settings:
    • Source Column: "Call Result"
    • Bucket Field Name: "Call Result"
    • New Bucket: Correct Contact
    • New Bucket: Other
    • Click Search to find the call result list. Add "Correct Contact" to the Correct Contact bucket.
    • Add all other values to the Other bucket, EXCEPT for "Call Successful," "Inbound Call," and "Set Callback." These should remain unassigned.
  7. Drag the "Call Result" bucket into the column grouping area in the matrix.
  8. In the Preview heading area, click the Show dropdown and checkmark the "Details" selection.
  9. Find a random field and drag it into the "Details" area on the far right of the matrix. For this report we've selected the "Date" field. This is to account for the Salesforce report engine bug so we can drag a formula into the matrix in just a moment.
  10. Double-click the Add Formula link, and create a formula with the following settings:
    • Column Name: Percent
    • Description: As appropriate
    • Where will this formula be displayed? "At a specific row/column grouping level"
    • Grouping Assignment "A": "Assigned"
    • Grouping Assignment "B": "Call Result"
    • Formula:


      This requires setting up the PARENTGROUPVAL function, and inserting it. Set the top dropdown for the function to "Assigned," set the bottom dropdown to "Column Grand Summary," then < Insert the formula.

    • Change the summary_field entry in the inserted formula to read RowCount.
    • Click OK.
  11. Drag the "Percent" formula into the column grouping area of the matrix.
  12. Set up the chart with the following settings:
    • Select Type: Horizontal bar chart (the far left icon)
    • X-Axis: "Percent"
    • Y-Axis: "Assigned"
    • Group By: "Call Result"

      Select the middle icon for a "stacked" bar visual.

    • Click OK.
  13. Click to Save the report, give it a name and assign it to a report folder.

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