This is a basic opportunities report view, showing deals closed by month with revenue and record count.

  1. Create a new Opportunities type report in Salesforce.
  2. Set the default filters.
    • Show: "All Opportunities"
    • Date Field: "Close Date"
    • Range: "Current and previous calendar quarter"
  3. Under the Preview heading, change the format dropdown from "Tabular" to "Matrix" format.
  4. Remove unnecessary detail columns by clicking the Remove All Columns link.
  5. The first field we'll add to the matrix is "Close Month." Drag it from the Fields panel to the row grouping area.
  6. This report does not use any bucket fields, but does need a formula to calculate the deal revenue amount. Double-click the Add Formula link and edit the following settings:
    • Column Name: "Revenue Amount"
    • Description: As needed
    • Format: "Number"
    • Where will this formula be displayed? "At all summary levels"
  7. Now let's define the formula.
    • The formula only needs to calculate a single value—the deal amount as a total sum. In the Summary Fields dropdown, select "Amount." As you hover over the field, it will ask you how you want the value presented. Select "Sum." When you make the selection, Salesforce automatically adds the field information into the formula.
    • Click OK to finish adding the formula.
  8. As always, before we can drag the formula into the matrix, we need to add a "dummy" detail field. Checkmark "Detals" in the Preview >> Show dropdown. Then select a field, and drag it to the far right of the matrix, to the right of the Grand Total area. For this report, we chose to add the deal Stage.
  9. If you'd like to add additional detail fields, feel free. Some appropriate options might be Account Name, Lead Source, Opportunity Name, Opportunity Owner, Primary Contact, and Stage.
  10. Now let's drag the formula into the summarizable field area of the matrix.
  11. Finally we need to create the visual chart. Click Add Chart and edit the following settings:
    • Select Type: Vertical Bar Chart (second icon from the left)
    • Y-Axis: "Record Count"
    • X-Axis: "Close Month"
    • Group By: (leave blank)
    • Checkmark Plot additional values
    • Set Display: to "Line."
    • Value: "Revenue Amount"
    • Checkmark Use second axis.
    • Click OK to finish.
  12. The report's ready to save! Click the Save button, add it to a report folder, and you're done.

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