For this report we're going a step further in evaluating call effectiveness, analyzing how much time reps spend on the phone once they've made a correct contact. When a rep spends more time on the phone when a correct contact is made, we can assume that the rep is effective at engaging the contact.

If a rep isn't spending enough time on correct contacts, it may indicate that contacts are disengaging quickly, suggesting the rep might need to revise his or her approach, messaging, and qualifying skills.

  1. Create a new Activities >> Tasks and Events type report in Salesforce.
  2. Set up the following filters:
    • Show: "All Activities," "Open and Completed Activities," "Tasks and Events"
    • Date Field, Range: "Last 90 Days"
    • Custom Field Filter, Call Type: equals "Outbound"
    • Custom Field Filter, Call Result: equals "Correct Contact"
  3. Change the report type from "Table" to "Matrix."
  4. Click Remove All Columns to remove the extraneous detail fields (remember that we'll need to add a "dummy" field back in just a minute).
  5. In the Fields panel, drag the "Assigned" field into the row grouping area.
  6. Now let's add our "dummy" details field back into the matrix. First, click to checkmark "Details" in the Show dropdown under the Preview heading. Then, drag the "Date" field from the Fields panel into the far-right area of the matrix.
  7. This report doesn't require a bucket field, but does require a formula to calculate the call time average. Double-click Add Formula.
  8. In the formula setup, add the following settings:
    • Column Name: Average Talk Time (Min)
    • Description: (As needed)
    • Format: Number
    • Where will this formula be displayed? At a specific row / column grouping level.

      Set Dropdown "A" to "Assigned"; Dropdown B to "Column Grand Summary"

  9. For the formula itself we want to add the Summary Field for "Call Duration (seconds)," displayed as an "Average."
  10. If you're okay seeing the time displayed in seconds, we can go ahead and leave the formula as is. If you'd rather see the value displayed in minutes, set the formula to divide the CALLDURATION:AVG by 60.
  11. Click OK, then drag the formula in to the matrix column grouping area.
  12. Finally let's add the chart. Click the Add Chart button, and add the following settings:
    • Set the Select Type to the vertical bar chart (second icon from the left).
    • Y-Axis: "Average Talk Time (Min)"
    • X-Axis: "Assigned"
    • Checkmark "Plot additional values."
    • Set the Display dropdown to "Line."
    • Set the Value dropdown to "Record Count."
    • Checkmark the "Use Second Axis."
  13. Click OK to finish the chart.
  14. The report is ready! Click Save, give the report a name and add it to a folder.

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