This report is a minor variation of the "Call Results by Rep" report. The only difference between this report and "Call Results by Rep" is that the bar graph is changed to a vertical display, and a second data axis gets added to show the total record count.

The goal is much the same—chart how effective reps are at producing one or more desired call results.

  1. Set up a report following the instructions for "Call Results by Rep".
  2. When you reach the section to create the bar chart, use the following settings:
    • Select Type: Vertical bar chart icon (second from the left)
    • Y-axis: "Percent"
    • X-Axis: "Assigned"
    • Group By: "Call Result"
    • Checkmark the "Plot additional values" field.
    • Checkmark the "Use second axis" field.
    • Display: "Line"
    • Value: "Record Count"
  3. Save the report like you would normally.

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