This report examines the effectiveness of marketing lead sources by comparing their ability to produce high levels of conversions in as few dials as possible.

The report compares the conversion rate against the average number of dials it takes to generate those conversions, based on the source from which the lead originated.

  1. Create a new Leads >> Leads with converted lead information type report in Salesforce.
  2. Set the following filters:
    • Show: "All leads"
    • Date Field: "Created Date"
    • Date Range: "Last 90 Days"
  3. In the Preview heading, change the report format from "Table" to "Matrix."
  4. Click the Remove All Columns link to remove superfluous detail fields. Remember we'll need to add back in a "dummy" detail field later.
  5. From the Fields area, drag in the Lead Source field into the row grouping area.
  6. This report will use two different formulas for our column groupings. The first calculates conversion rate per source, based on the Salesforce "convert" action. The second formula calculates average dials.
  7. Set up the conversion rate formula by clicking Add Formula, then editing the following settings:
    • Column Name: Conversion Rate
    • Description: As desired
    • Format: "Percent"
    • Where will this formula be displayed? "At all summary levels"
    • Add the following summary field to the formula: "Converted: Sum"
    • Then you'll need to manually add the following to the formula: / RowCount

      When finished the formula should read: CONVERTED:SUM / RowCount

    • Click OK and the formula is ready.
  8. Next let's create the average dials formula. Click Add Formula.
    • Column Name: AVG Dials
    • Description: Average dials required to convert
    • Format: "Number"
    • Where will this formula be displayed? "At all summary levels"
    • In the formula itself, you'll add a single summary field from the dropdown list. Select Dials >> Average. Once selected, it will be the only value in the formula section.
    • The formula is ready! Click OK.
  9. Before we can drag our formulas into the column grouping area, we need to add a "dummy" details field back into the matrix. In the Preview heading area, click the Show dropdown and checkmark the "Details" selection.
  10. Find a random field and drag it into the "Details" area on the far right of the matrix. For this report we've selected the "Lead Owner" field. After that, you can uncheck the "Details" box in the Show dropdown.
  11. Now we can drag both of our formula fields into the column grouping area.
  12. The final step is to set up the chart. Click Add Chart and edit the following settings:
    • Select Type: Vertical bar chart (second icon from the left)
    • Y-Axis: "AVG Dials"
    • X-Axis: "Lead Source"
    • Group By: No value (leave set to "-- Select --")
    • Checkmark Plot additional values.
    • Set Display to "Line."
    • Checkmark Use second axis.
    • Value: Conversion Rate
    • Click OK to finish.
  13. The report is ready! Click Save, give it a name and assign it to a folder.

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