This report compares the amount of time a call "rings" broken down by call result. The report cross-compares the ring time against the total number of records for each result.

  1. Create a new Activities >> Tasks and Events type report in Salesforce.
  2. Set the following standard filters:
    • Show: "All Activities," "Completed Activites," "Tasks"
    • Date Field: "Date"
    • Date Range: "Last 30 Days"
  3. Add the following custom field filters:
    • Call Result not equal to "" (blank)
    • ImpressionId not equal to "" (blank)
    • Call Type equals "Outbound"
  4. In the Preview heading, change the report format from "Tabular" to "Matrix."
  5. Click the Remove All Columns link to remove superfluous detail fields.
  6. From the Fields area, drag the Call Result field into the row grouping area.
  7. This report uses a bucket field to calculate call ring times, and a formula to calculate call result percentages. Let's start by adding the bucket field. Double-click Add Bucket Field.
  8. Edit the following settings:
    • Set the Source Column to "Call Ring Time."
    • Set the Bucket Field Name to "Call Ring Time."
  9. With "Call Ring Time" set as the Source Column, we need to define the time ranges, in seconds, that the report should chart. Add the following ranges and labels (there will be a total of eight ranges).
    Range Name
    <= 5 5 Sec
    >5 to 10 5 - 10 Sec
    >10 to 15 10 - 15 Sec
    >15 to 20 15 - 20 Sec
    >20 to 25 20 - 25 Sec
    >25 to 30 25 - 30 Sec
    >30 to 35 30 - 35 Sec
    > 35 > 35 Sec
  10. Uncheck the "Treat empty Call Ring Time values in the report as zeroes," and click OK to complete the bucket field.
  11. Drag the Call Ring Time bucket field into the column grouping area.
  12. Now you'll create the call result percentage formula. Double-click the Add Formula link, and set up the formula with the following settings:
    • Column Name: Percent of Calls
    • Description: As needed
    • Format: "Percent"
    • Where will this formulat be displayed? "At a specific row / column grouping level"
    • Grouping Row Selection "A": "Call Result"
    • Grouping Column Selection "B": "Call Ring Time"
  13. For the formula itself, enter RowCount/ in the text field.
  14. Now we need to add a PARENTGROUPVAL function. Select PARENTGROUPVAL in the Functions area.
  15. For the Select parent grouping level dropdowns, set the top dropdown to "Call Result," and the bottom dropdown to "Column Grand Summary." Click the < Insert button to add it to the formula.
  16. Change the summary_field text in the formula to RowCount. When finished, the formula should look like the screenshot below.
  17. The formula is ready, so click OK.
  18. Before we can drag the formula to the column grouping area, we need to add a "dummy" details field back. In the Preview heading, click the Show dropdown and checkmark "Details."
  19. Drag a "dummy" field into the details area to the far right of the Grand Total column in the matrix. For this report, the "Assigned" field is a good choice.
  20. Now drag your "Percent of Calls" formula into the column grouping area.
  21. Next We're going to add an additional data point to the summary. Find the "Call Ring Time" field in the Fields panel, and drag it into the summarizable fields area.
  22. When you drop the field, Salesforce will ask you how you want the field data summarized. Checkmark the Average box, and click Apply.
  23. Now it's time to add the chart. Click Add Chart and edit the following settings:
    • Select Type: Vertical bar chart (second icon from the left)
    • Y-Axis: "Average Call Ring Time"
    • X-Axis: "Call Result"
    • Group By: No value (leave it set to "-- Select --")
    • Checkmark Plot additional values.
    • Set the Display: dropdown to "Line."
    • Set the Value: dropdown to "Record Count."
    • Checkmark the Use second axis box.
    • Click OK to finish the chart.
  24. The report is ready! Click Save, give it a name and assign it to a folder.

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