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ACD Types - Round Robin

Most of our clients use the Longest Available ACD option, which routes inbound calls to the users who have been logged in and marked as "Available" the longest. Although this option is effective in many situations, some users prefer that calls be delivered to sales reps in a way that more directly guarantees that they will get approximately the same number of calls - even if they need to leave their desk from time to time.

To meet this need, we've included an ACD type called “Round Robin.” Using this option, calls are delivered to reps who have gone the longest period of time since receiving a call, even if they have not been marked as "Available" for very long. This can be especially helpful in situations with valuable calls and relatively low call volume.

Last Call Times - How Round Robin Works

When a sales rep logs into a Round Robin ACD for the very first time, the database will note the time and date that they log in. This is referred to as the “Last Call Time."

Calls made to a Round Robin ACD will always be delivered to the rep who has the oldest Last Call Time per ACD. Each time a call is delivered to a rep, their Last Call Time will update to the time at which the call was delivered to them. This way, calls are sent to the agent who has gone the longest without getting one.

Definition of "Delivered"

"Delivered" is defined as a call simply being presented to a sales rep. If a sales rep chooses to ignore an inbound call, it is still considered to have been delivered to them, and their Last Call Time is still updated.

We chose "delivered" instead of "answered" so that reps are discouraged from:

  • Staying in the "Available" status when unprepared to take a call. Inbound calls will be answered faster when reps don't choose "Available" without being truly ready.
  • Ignoring Calls they don't want to take. By discouraging this behavior, calls will be answered regardless of who they are from. This will discourage reps from cherry-picking inbound calls, and is also likely to further increase answering speeds.

Benefits to Users With Multiple Responsibilities

One of the main benefits of Round Robin as opposed to a "Longest Available" ACD type selection is that users are not heavily punished for leaving their desk to attend to other responsibilities, such as a company meeting, lunch appointment, business trip, etc. When the user logs back in, they come back into the queue in the same place they left off rather than having to start all over.

You can decide how much allowance you want the system to make for users who log out. Last Call Times are automatically cleared on a set interval configurable on each Round Robin ACD. See the section of this document entitled Resetting the Last Call Time for more information.

Selecting the Option

The Round Robin option can be selected on any ACD.

(Round Robin ACD type on the ACD Edit page)
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Resetting the Last Call Time

When the ACD type for “Round Robin” has been selected, another drop-down labeled “Reset Round Robin” appears with the following options:

  • Daily: Each night the Last Call Time for every rep will be cleared out for that ACD. This will level the playing field each day. This is the default option.
  • Weekly: Every Sunday night the Last Call Time for every rep will be cleared out for that ACD.
  • Monthly: In the evening of the last day of the month, the Last Call Time will be cleared for all reps in that ACD.

(Reset Round Robin)
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