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Mass uploading your historic emails to is easy. You simply need to mass forward your old emails as attachments to a unique email address. Contact support at to get your company-specific email address.

The system is designed to upload massive amounts of emails quickly while allowing for an efficient way to prune out unnecessary emails. The Absolute Automation Email Logger will also catch emails that don't belong to any existing lead or contact record and allow you to auto-create new Contact and Account records on the fly.

The easiest way to forward emails is to multi-select a grouping of emails and click Forward in your email client. When you do this, the emails become attachments.

When sent to the bulk upload email provided to you, the platform will translate those records into historical emails. We recommend limiting the total number of selected emails to fewer than 200 per batch. Your mail server may also have size limits on sent emails, so larger emails will need to be sent in smaller batches.

Alternative Method - Outlook Forwarding Rule

An alternative method to manually forwarding batches of emails is creating an Outlook rule and pointing it at a folder full of emails you want logged.

Be advised that this process might cause significant slowdown on your computer, making it difficult to use or multitask while the forwarding is occurring. This might be a process you might want to run overnight.

To have Outlook forward all emails contained in a folder:

  1. Either identify a folder full of emails you want to forward or optionally create a new folder. (Either way we will refer to this target folder as "Forward" for the purposes of these directions.)
  2. If you created a new folder copy all messages you want to forward to the "Forward" folder.
  3. Make sure the “Forward” folder is open (selected) as the rule we are about to create will default to the folder you currently have open.
  4. Select Tools | Rules and Alerts... from the menu.
  5. Click New Rule....
  6. Highlight Check messages when they arrive. Click Next >.
  7. Click Next > again, leaving all conditions unchecked.
  8. Click Yes.
  9. Make sure forward it to people or distribution list is checked under Step 1: Select action(s). Check forward it to people or distribution list as an attachment to forward messages attached.
  10. Click people or distribution list under Step 2: Edit the rule description. Paste in the logging email address iHance has provided under To ->.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Next >. Click Next > again.
  13. Make sure Turn on this rule is not checked under Step 2: Setup rule options.
  14. Now make sure to check Run this rule now on messages already in "Forward" (if you named the folder "Forward").
  15. Click Finish and walk away from your Outlook for a bit because it could take awhile.

Once the forward actions complete, you can delete the rule and the "Forward" folder if desired.

Additional Notes

  • If you are going to use our Historic Email Logger to forward emails that are not associated with Account, Contact or Lead records you must tweak "Pending Lifespan" to the desired time-frame.
  • By default our Emails 'Pending Contacts and Leads' tab will only show emails that have had activity in the last '1' month. To change the "Pending Lifespan" go to the Emails tab >> Admin >> Advanced >> Pending Lifespan and change the number to cover the number of months back you are logging historic email then click Save. For example if you are forwarding emails for up to a year ago, enter 12.
  • Note: The manual batch forwarding process described above should be sufficient for you to upload select historical emails. That said, we have other options to upload many years worth of email.
    • As noted above, you can configure Outlook to do the forwarding for you (rather than selecting-and-right-clicking), using the Outlook rules engine to run a forward for "all emails currently in this folder" to the custom logging email address.
    • Your hosted Exchange provider might have the ability to forward all of your email.
    • We could setup a one-off IMAP sync process that forwards your old email to our AA addresses. This would entail additional work on your end and ours so let us know if you need to pursue this alternative.

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