How Notifications Work

Once the creating agent has sent the throwdown invitation, the other agents will receive a notification letting them know they have been invited to a throwdown. This notice includes the following information:

  1. The originator of the throwdown
  2. How to win the throwdown
  3. The start time of the throwdown
  4. The wager required to participate

They can click Accept or Decline in response. If they accept, their points are contributed to the pool and they are admitted to the contest.

When an agent accepts the throwdown, their points are contributed to the wager pool and the agent who originated the throwdown receives a notice letting them know that their throwdown has been accepted.

When the throwdown has begun, another notification is sent to all the agents who accepted.

When the throwdown is completed, a final notice lets all the participants know who was victorious. The winner is awarded all the points from the wager pool.

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