How to Use Spark Line Spark Bar and Win and Loss Charts


Overview Create spark lines, spark bars, and win/loss to show trends in data over time.
Components that support this feature Table components
Value components
Data Format To create one of the mini charts, your data must be formatted as a comma separated list. You can do this using one of two functions:
JOIN function
CONCAT function
Note This article deals with the mini chart data format and applies to using this format in Value and Table components.
You can also create similar charts using the Mini Chart component


You can use the mini chart in table and value components, provided that the data is formatted as a comma separated list. If it is not, you can format it using the JOIN function or the CONCAT function (see below). The example shows the raw values in addition to the 3 mini chart formats:

To create a comma separated list (JOIN Function)

If the values from your data source are in adjoining cells (A1 | A2 | A3), then you can use the JOIN function to create a comma separated list.

JOIN ("A1:A3") –> (1, 2, 3)

To create an array of comma separated lists, wrap the JOIN function in an ARRAY function

ARRAY (JOIN ("A1:A3"), JOIN ("B1:B3"), JOIN ("C1:C3"))

To create a comma separated list (CONCAT function)

If the values in your data source contain an unbounded range, such as A:A, then you can use the CONCAT function.

CONCAT ("A:A") –> (1, 2, 3, 4, …)

To create an array of comma separated lists, manually insert a comma between data selections.

CONCAT ("A:A", ",", "B:B", ",", "C:C")

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These components support the mini chart format:

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