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Call Recordings Settings

The Call Recording Settings page allows you to control how the system handles the recording of calls. From here, you can restrict the system from calling certain area codes, and specify how long call recordings should be stored before being automatically deleted.

Getting to the Page

To access the page in the LMP, follow this path:

Administrative Tab > Manage Call Recordings > Call Recording Settings > Edit

This brings you to the Call Recording Settings Page

Restricting Call Recordings by Area Code

This feature can help you maintain better compliance when making call recordings. Different area have various laws regarding making recordings of phone calls. This feature allows you to turn off the ability to record calls when calls are made to specific area codes.

Please note that while provides this feature, we don't make any recommendations related to appropriate usability for this feature. We merely offer it as a tool for you to use for your own compliance needs. For questions related to specific locations of acceptable practices for recording phone calls, refer to your own internal compliance / legal counsel to determine acceptable use cases.

The interface is straightforward. Simply add an area code to the field next to the Add Area Codes button. You can add more than one at a time by separating them with commas. Then click the Add Area Codes Button to add them. If you wish to remove an area code, click the (x) next to it.

Once you've finished editing your list, click the Save button to finalize your changes. The new settings will go into effect immediately.

Affect on Call Monitoring

If you choose to use the restricted area code feature, any selected areas will also be restricted from the listen, whisper, and barge features in the call monitoring tool.

Record Only the Agent

This feature gives you the ability to only record your agent's voice on outgoing calls. Depending on your company policies, you may find this a useful way to keep a recording that gives insight into your agent's work patterns without having to record the other participant, or stopping to ask for their permission to do so.

You can select options from the dropdown labeled Record only the agent.

There are three settings to choose from:

  • Off turns this feature off completely and is the default setting. When off, the system will record both the agent’s voice and the client’s voice.
  • All Outbound Recorded Calls turns this feature on. All outbound recorded calls will only record the agent's voice.
  • Calls to Selected Area Codes turns this feature on in certain instances only. With this option selected, the system will record only the agent's voice whenever they are talking to someone whose number has one of the area codes selected on the page. Notice that to reflect this, the label next to the area code selection window changes from Do not record outbound calls to these area codes to Record only the agent leg on outbound calls made to these area codes.

Automatic Deletion of Call Recordings

This feature allows you to set how long the system will store call recordings until they are automatically deleted. This helps you better control system data usage and organization, and reduce monthly data storage fees.

To use it, enter the desired time in the field labeled Delete Call Recordings Older Than. Call recordings will automatically be deleted after the entered amount of days. Deleted recordings are removed from the system between midnight and 4 AM on the specified expiration day (e.g., on day 31 if the number is set to 30).

If you wish to keep your call recordings indefinitely, set this value to 0.

Time Frame for Deletion:

Call recordings will be deleted between midnight and 4 AM on the day after the defined expiration. For example, if the time frame is set to 30 days, the files will be deleted between midnight and 4 AM on day 31.

After selecting your settings, click Save to finalize your changes.

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