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Caller ID Settings

If given permission, users can change their caller ID setting when making outbound calls with the Click-to-Call panel. This provides flexibility to agents, making sure they are using a caller ID that will be most effective for the activity they're doing.

There's a few reasons you might want to do this, including:

  • The desire to make certain calls without using LocalPresence as the caller ID (for calling into existing clients, who already know the client's established business number).
  • Changing caller IDs from a personal station number to a company number for certain prospects, making sure that return calls go to the right place.
  • Easier management for agents who use cell phones / softphones to set up a correct caller ID for return calls.

In addition, to facilitate easier use of this option, we have provided display to the dialer panel area that shows the caller ID being used for outbound calls as they get made. This makes it easier for agents to see the current caller ID setting, reminding them to change it if they need to. This display is available in both the Click-to-Call and PowerDialer panels.

The Permission Setting

The permission settings are located on the page permission tool as standard options. When enabled, users who belong to the specified permission group will have the tools available.

This is located at:

Administrative Tab > Manage Permissions > Permission Group

The items are under the Dialer-Related Permissions sub-section as shown.

( Page Permissions - Dialer
Related Permissions)

Click to view larger image.

The two options are fairly self-explanatory:

  • Allow Users to Change Click-to-Call Caller-ID gives users the option to change their Caller-ID from the settings dialog in the dialer panel.
  • Show Users the Caller-ID In Use adds a display to the dialer panel that displays the Caller-ID when calls are being made.

Setup Panel UI for Click-to-Call

With the Allow Users to Change Click-to-Call Caller-ID permission enabled, users will have a dropdown setting in the Click-to-Call setup panel (this is accessed by clicking the gear in the corner of the dialer panel). By default this will initially be set to the same setting established in the user's profile, but users can quickly change to a more appropriate setting if needed.

(Caller ID Setup - Click-to-Call)
Click to view larger image.

Available settings:

  1. Company Phone - The company phone number specified in your Company Settings will be used.
  2. Custom Number - The user can enter a custom number in the field that appears next to the dropdown when this option is selected.
  3. Local Presence - A Local Presense number is used.
  4. Station Phone - The Station Phone Number is used.

The setting updates after the user selects a setting and clicks Save. If the user clicks Cancel, the settings DIV will close without making a change.  

Display Caller ID in Dial Pad

If the Show Users the Caller-ID In Use permission is enabled, a new field will be added to the dialer panel across all dialer tools (Click-to-Call and PowerDialer). The field automatically displays the caller ID being shown to call recipients anytime a user makes a dial.

The field will display one of three statuses:

  • No active call - The field will read "Place a phone call"
  • Active call without Local Presence - The field will read "Caller ID" and display the number.
  • Active call with Local Presence - The field will read "Local Presence" and display the number.

The pictures below demonstrate these statuses for the PowerDialer and Click-to-Call panels. PowerDialer

(Left - No Active Call | Middle - Active Call | Right - Active Call
with LocalPresence)

Click to view larger image. Click-to-Call

(Left - No Active Call | Middle - Active Call | Right - Active Call
with LocalPresence)

Click to view larger image.

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