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Call Now Notifications

You can set the system to include a visual queue for users which will indicate when a call is a "Call Now" and is a high priority lead. We believe that by  providing users with better information about "Call Now" leads can improve user performance and increase attention given to fresh, incoming leads.

A  "Call Now" queue section is also available for placement on the dialer panel for the PowerDialer. It indicates how many "Call Now" leads are waiting to be taken.

Call Now Queue Display

Adding the Section in the Dialer Panel Editor

The panel section can be found on the the dialer panel editor. This section is only available for PowerDialer panels; it does not apply to Click-to-Call. By default, the Call Now queue section is not included on any panel layouts, but is available in the section trough to be added if desired.

To edit a layout, click:

Administrative Tab > Manage Dialer Panels

Then click Edit next to the PowerDialer panel you wish to add the Call Now Queue display to.

The Call Now Queue section can be found in the section trough:

(Call Now Queue in Section Trough)
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To activate it on your layout, drag it down to your desired location on the Section Organizer in the lower-right hand corner of the screen:

(Moving the Call Now Queue section in the Dialer Panel)
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When you're satisfied with the orientation of your layout, click Save.

Dialer UI

Once added to your panel layout, it will be displayed like this when using the PowerDialer:

(Call Now Queue in PowerDialer Interface)
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Call Now Record Notification

When a user takes a Call Now in the dialer, the notification will appear at the top of the record as shown:

(Call Now Notification - PowerDialer)
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Enabling and Disabling the Call Now Notification

This notification is turned on by default. If you do not want your agents to receive an indication that a record opening in the PowerDialer has come in is a call-now, you can disable the notifications.

To get to the setting, click:

Administrative Tab > Company Profile > Company Information > Edit

The setting is on the the Telephony Settings section and is labeled “Call Now Notification.” When the option is checked, the Call Now notifications are enabled. When it is unchecked, they are disabled.

Click Save when you are happy with your settings to finalize them.

(Call Now Notification on Company)
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