Advanced Training: Admin

Database Management - Overview

  • How to run general and advanced searches through the database.
  • How to import a spreadsheet of records into the system.
  • How to check the database for duplicate records.
  • How to perform mass actions/updates to batches of data.
  • Manage the hosted Files Repository linked to your system.
  • How to export a batch of records from the database and save them to a spreadsheet.

Practical Scenarios

  • Import a set of leads into the CRM from a CSV file. Incorporate properly formatting the source CSV file, duplicate check basis, creating necessary custom fields, field mapping, and properly "backing out" if there is an error in the import process.
  • Given criteria perform an advanced search and perform a mass update on the results.
  • Export leads based on given criteria. Incorporate selecting the necessary field to display, properly selecting the correct set of leads, choosing file format, and saving to a file.
  • Retrieve call recording files from and upload email attachment files to the Files Repository panel. Report on the resulting file storage quota status.

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