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The Files Repository

The Files tab is a central, online storage vault where users can upload common company files for easy, centralized access (quick note: the terms "Files tab" and "Files repository" are often used interchangeably to refer to this tool).

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Functionally, the Files tab is nearly identical to the file manager for your computer's operating system—create, add, delete, and organize files and folders. You can also set up security restrictions for individual files and folders, based on the user's permission levels. This can be useful if you want certain team members to have access to specific files, but don't want the data to be publicly available.

A number of system tools, including the Company Backup tool, Saved Search Export, and Call Recording use the Files tab to store the data they create.

The Files tab also acts as a holding tank for email attachments that may go out with your company’s email templates.

File Security

We won't spend much time on the Files tab, since the general concept of a file manager should be familiar to every computer user. However, we do want to focus just a minute on how file and folder security works.

Like most things in the system, security starts with ownership. Any files uploaded into the master, or "root" folder—i.e., they're not assigned to a specific sub-folder—are automatically assumed to be public.

To "lock down" a particular file or folder, you'll need to create a sub-folder inside the root, and specify the security options for it.

A table of the available security options follows.

Permissions Options Description
Domain Private


The domain establishes the general exception parameters for anyone who doesn't own the folder in question, and any files contained within it. If set to private, no one but the owner (and any Sysadmins) can access the folder's contents. Public means any user can access the folder. Process means only users who belong to a specific workflow process can use it. Processes are a fairly uncommon feature in the system, so Private/Public are the most common.
Process Will vary depending on available process designations. This option only applies if the Process option is selected as the permission domain. Controls which workflow processes will have access to the folder.
Access Type


Establishes if anyone besides the owner can make changes to the files in question, or merely see them/download them.

Using the Files Repository for Email Attachments

One of the cool features of's email system is that it can permanently attach any file stored in the Files tab to an outgoing email template. This is a great time-saver for sending emails that will always have the same items attached, like pricing sheets or invoice forms.

To use this feature of the email system, upload any needed files into the repository first.

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