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Building A Dialer Initiative - Part 3

Since you've already looked at Permission Groups in the main LMP system, the permission settings for the PowerDialer should feel familiar. In this case, the dialer permissions control the actual action interface, i.e., which buttons appear in the panel that allow the user to act.

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Keep in mind that the dialer permissions won't override your existing data and view permissions.

Also, you may not want or need users to have access to all of the possible action buttons and links. If you know that there are certain features you don't want or need, remove them.

Be aware that even if all permissions are de-selected, a dialer initiative will still have a “Place Call” and “Next Call” action button in the interface.

Dialer Permissions Table

Permission Description
Add Deal Attaches a new Deal object to your current Lead.
Add Event Attaches a new Event sub-object to your current Lead, and pops up the dialogue to fill in the Event details.
Add New Lead Clears the current record from the dialer screen, and opens up a blank record form to fill in information for a new Lead. When finished, the user needs to click Save to add the record to the database.
Add Note Attaches a new "Note" sub-object to the current record. Pops up a blank note to fill in the text.
Add Task Attaches a new "Task" sub-object to the current record, and pops up the dialogue to fill in the Task details.
Call Recording Initiates a call recording of the current call. If the system is already recording the call (based on call recording rules established by the Sysadmin), this action has no effect.
Contact Adds a contact impression to the dialer report engine. If you have set up specific Lead Statuses to automatically add an impression when selected, you may not need to use this option.
Convert Converts the current Lead record to an Account. Removes the Lead record from the dialer queue.
Disconnect Drops the current client leg from the user's call. The user's agent leg remains open.
Edit Script Pops up a dialogue box to make changes to the currently viewed call script. User must have permission to edit scripts in order to save any changes.
Lookup Opens a small reverse-lookup dialogue box that searches through the record database. Criteria for the lookup can be first name, last name, or company name. User must have permission rights to see/view the record being searched for, otherwise, no results will appear.
Leave VM Leaves the default voicemail assigned to the current Initiative for the call recipient. If no default voicemail is assigned, this action has no effect. To leave a voicemail in this circumstance, the user would need to select the voicemail icon to the left of the action button, and choose an alternative voicemail.
Leave Message and Next Leaves the default voicemail for the current Initiative, automatically moves to the next Lead in the queue and dials it. Same restrictions as the Leave VM action apply.
Message Puts a Voice Message impression into the dialer report table. This action is unnecessary if you're using the 1-click voice messaging feature, as it automatically leaves an impression.
Manual Dial Pulls up a 10-digit dialing pad to manually input a number to call through the PowerDialer.
Next Call Saves the current record, moves to the next record in the queue, and automatically dials the first phone number listed in the Initiative phone field options.
Next Number Drops the current call, and dials the next listed phone number on the current record. This action is controlled by the Initiative phone fields menu.
Redial Redials the default phone number shown for the current record.
Save Updates the stored information for the current record.
Save and Next Updates the stored information for the current record, and moves to the next record in the queue. It does not, however, automatically dial the number of the new record.
Select Initiative Pops up the dialogue box for the user to choose/switch to a different Dialer Initiative.
Send Email Sends the email template specified as the default for the current Initiative. If no default template is assigned, this action has no effect.
Send Email and Next Identical to Send Email, only the system also automatically moves to the next record in the queue.
Send Fax Sends the fax template specified as the default for the current Initiative. If no default template is assigned, this action has no effect. Requires the fax module and a fax minutes account.
Send Fax and Next Identical to Send Email and Next, only uses fax templates instead of email.
Set Callback Pops up the Set Callback dialogue box, so the user can flag the current record for a callback.
Available/Unavailable Allows the user to change their current availability status for making calls on the dialer.
Skip Skips over the current record, does not save or update any information, and moves to the next record in the queue, but does not dial it.
Spell Check Pops up the spell check dialogue box.
Tic Sheet Pops up the user's current tic sheet report, as defined in the report section of the Dialer Initiative setup. This chart provides some quick background on the past call/voicemail/email/fax contact with the lead.
Transfer Pops up the transfer dialogue options, allowing the user to initiate blind call transfers.
View Calendar Pops up an abbreviated view of the user's LMP event calendar.
View Deals Pops up a window showing any Deal records currently attached to the Lead.
View Notes Pops up a window showing any add-on text notes attached to the current record.
View Pending Callbacks Pops up a panel showing the user all of their currently created call backs, with their associated date and time. Users can also change and update any existing call backs from this screen.
View Recent Activities Pops up a window showing an aggregate of the five most recent activities—events, tasks, notes, messages left, emails sent—done for the current record.
View Script Pops up the default call script assigned to the Initiative, or to the Campaign in which the Lead record resides, if no script is assigned to the Initiative. If a script is not specified in either place (the Dialer Initiative or in the Campaign), this action has no effect.
Warm Transfer Pops up the dialogue box that allows a user to warm transfer, i.e., create a three way call bridge with the call recipient, and the agent who will receive the transferred call.

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