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Building A Dialer Initiative - Part 4

The user Tic Sheet is a real time, auto-updating report that agents can view to track their productivity (assuming you've given them the Tic Sheet permission on the dialer permissions page.

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A "tic" is nothing more than a counting mechanism used by the dialer server as certain actions are performed. For example, you've probably seen ushers at various sporting events holding counters as patrons enter the event to track hard attendance counts. The dialer tic sheet acts essentially the same way.

The "tic" metrics tallied by the dialer server are:

  • Number of dials made by each user.
  • Number of dials made on each individual record.
  • Number of voicemails sent.
  • Number of emails sent.
  • Time listed as available/unavailable for each agent.
  • Connect times and talk times for agents.

Custom "Tic" Impressions

Sysadmins can set certain Lead statuses to "hard count" as a contact impression. This can be done in the Layout Editor, or the Manage Dropdowns tool, editing the the Lead status dropdown field, and then marking the individual dropdown option(s).

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Availability Statuses

When the user logs in to the dialer, before they can start dialing they must mark that they are available (there's a small check box in the upper left corner for this purpose). Once marked available, the dialer server tracks the time for each agent that they are marked as available.

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If a user needs to go on break, or is done with their shift for the day, they need to mark themselves as unavailable to stop the system's timer.

The availability statuses are designed for managers to fine-tune how the dialer tracks agent activity.

You can create your own custom statuses and mark any break statuses as paid or unpaid.

Layout Selection for Dialer Initiatives

In addition to creating record Layouts that appear in the CRM portion of the system, you can also create a Layout that is specifically for the dialer.

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Most Sysadmins find they don't need to do this; typically the Lead Layout(s) you've created for the general Layout Group assignments are what you'd use here. If, however, you feel like you need to create a Layout that is specific just to the Initiative, instead of choosing one of your existing layouts in the dropdown, select CREATE NEW LAYOUT.

Once you've selected the layout, you can click Finish at the bottom of the page if you're satisfied with your selection, or you can click Finish and Edit Selected Layout if you want to make a few tweaks before your users start dialing.

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