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Dialer Initiatives FAQ

Q. “How do I know which leads/contacts are going to be called when the user sits down on the dialer?”

A. It’s always controlled by the dialer query for that block of time. You could load those same queries into an Advanced Lead Search in the LMP to get an idea of the leads that will pull up.

Q. “I want to force my users to call a certain type of lead first. Can I do this?”

A. Yes. To make this happen, create a time block with two or more stacked queries in the individual time block. The dialer will run the first query’s block of leads first, then move down to the second priority query, and so on.

Q. “My initiative seems to be working, but callers are getting leads they just dialled 15 minutes ago.”

A. You’ll need to change the sorting rule, or the time between calls to prevent leads from getting recycled so rapidly.

Q. “How often does the dialer query update?”

A. Every 60 minutes, on the hour or shortly thereafter.

Q. “Can I force users to call just the leads that have been assigned ownership specifically to them?”

A. Yes. Use the “Limit Calls to Own Contacts” option in Dialer Initiative section #1.

Q. “How do I track the results of my initiative(s)?”

A. In the reports area (discussed later in this document), look for lead disposition reports (reports tracking the lead statuses) and the dialer impression counts. These reports will show the total number of dials per agent, as well as their effectiveness based on the disposition of each call.

Q. “My dialer reports show tons of contacts being made by the administrator, even though he/she has never been on the dialer. What’s going on?”

A. Your users are forgetting to take ownership of the lead / contact when they speak to a decision maker. You’ll either need to train them to do so, or pre-assign ownership of the leads to ensure the reports are accurate. If you're even more ambitious, build an ResponseLoop that automatically assigns ownership based on which agent first works on the lead.

Q. “I’ve set up my first initiative to call new leads, and it seems to be working just fine, but once leads get dispositioned as ‘Contacted’ or ‘In Progress’ my callers can’t seem to find them again.”

A. You’ll need to provide a way for your callers to go back and call on these leads. This typically involves either giving them access to the Leads tab in the CRM system, or creating another dialer initiative that is specifically targeting leads marked to those dispositions.

Q. “My callers log in to the dialer initiative I have created for them, but it tells them there are ‘No Leads to Dial.’”

A. This can be caused by several factors:

  1. The query for that initiative’s time block did not find any valid leads. This means the dialer manager needs to go in and change the query to pull more valid results.
  2. The time block for the initiative has expired. If your initiative only runs until 4:00 PM, and a user logs on at 4:01, they will get the message that there are no leads to dial.
  3. The ownership of the leads has been set incorrectly, or the Limit Calls to Own Leads option has been selected in the initiative, and the user doesn’t actually own any leads that meet the initiative’s criteria.

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