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Immediate Failover if None Available

When enabled, this option causes an ACD to go to its failover immediately if no agents are logged in to the ACD and set to the "Available" status.

Having this setting on saves time for callers by allowing your failover option to kick in more quickly when no agents are "Available." A failover was already likely in these instances to begin with, so this moves callers along more quickly and will probably not change where their call ends up going. However, you might want to keep the setting off if you would rather have a caller wait for the time to expire in the hopes that one of your agents will become "Available" before this occurs. Which option you prefer is up to you.

Turning the Setting On or Off

By default, the setting is off. To change the setting for an ACD, click:

Administrative Tab > ACD Manager

Then click Edit next to the ACD you wish to change.

The option is in the "Inbound Behavior" section. It is a checkbox labeled If none available, failover immediately.

(Immediate Failover - Edit ACD Page)
Click to view larger image.

Check the box to turn the setting on, or uncheck it to turn it off.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click Save.

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