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ACD Types - Longest Available and Most Ready

There are four types of ACDs to choose from: Longest Available, Most Ready, Round Robin, and Group Ring.

Longest Available is the default setting. With this setting calls are routed to whichever agent has been set to "Available" for the longest period of time.

For more information on the Most Ready setting, continue reading. For information on Round Robin or Group Ring see this page.

Most Ready works the same as "Longest Available," except that instead of giving the call to the agent who has been set to "Available" for the longest, it gives the call to the agent who:

  1. Is already connected to the Agent Leg
  2. Is not already on an outbound call AND
  3.  Has been marked as "Available" the longest.

These should be the agents who are the best prepared for a call.

If no agents meet this criteria, the ACD will drop the first qualification and look for agents who meet qualifications 2 and 3. If there are still no agents meeting this description, it will look for an agent based only on qualification 3.

ACD Setup Option

To change the setting for an ACD, click:

Administrative Tab > ACD Manager

Then click Edit next to the ACD you wish to change.

The Most Ready option can be selected on the ACD Type dropdown located near the top of the page.

(ACD Type Dropdown on ACD Edit Page)
Click to view larger image.

Longest Available is the default option.

When you're satisfied with your settings, click Save.

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