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Inbound / Outbound Blend

Call blending, a.k.a., placing outbound calls while being available for inbound calls at the same time, is a snap using the PowerDialer and Inbound tools together. Both work seamlessly to keep users productive, while helping you respond immediately and persistently to your incoming Lead inquiries.

We're assuming that prior to this point you've already set up your outbound Initiatives and inbound ACDs. To get started, all the user needs to do is understand just a few interface changes to use while call blending.

Call Blending Interface

The stand-alone InboundAgent is used solely to take inbound calls. For Inbound/Outbound blending, the user accesses the standard PowerDialer outbound interface, with blend tool enabled, as shown in the screenshot.

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When call blending is enabled, the user will see a small widget in the upper left corner of the interface. After a moment, the system will automatically log in to the inbound tool, and they'll be instructed to choose their ACDs, as shown.

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Next, the user clicks on the widget to expand the window, and select their ACDs.

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At this point, the user would set themselves available for either Inbound, Outbound, or both by checking the Availability fields (although it should be noted, if you're only doing Inbound, it's better to use the standalone Inbound Agent software).

If a call comes in while they're making outbound calls, the ACD manager will throw a pop-up message to the user, prompting them to accept or ignore the inbound call.

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The ACD manager will wait for the amount of time specified in the Agent Accept Timeout setting for the ACD (usually 15-25 seconds). If the agent does not accept the call within that time, the system sends the inbound call back to the queue, and tries to find the next available agent.

Logic for Routing Inbound Calls While Blending

As mentioned, an agent's place in the Inbound queue rests entirely on the amount of time they have been marked Available. The Blend tool does not discriminate between those taking inbound calls only, and those on the Blend; it's all about who has been Available the longest.

It should be noted that if an agent is on an outbound call and rejects taking an inbound call because they're in the middle of a conversation, the ACD manager doesn't penalize that user. They remain in their original place at the top of the queue, and will have the first opportunity to accept or reject the next inbound call that comes in.

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