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Call Log Histories

Call Logs are stored and are accessible to users for reference. A series of features that allow you to take advantage of the information within these logs.

Call Log Histories are a part of the standard Completed Activity sub-object view on the record.

Fields are included on the activities table to account for call-log specific data. There is an activity detail page for both inbound and outbound logs. The Manage Sublists page in the Admin tab also incorporates these fields.

Completed Activities Summary Page

Communications History

A section called Communications can be found on the Recently Completed Activities summary page located at:

Leads Tab > Lead Name > Completed Activity History

Email and fax tasks are located under the Communication History heading, along with inbound call logs, outbound call logs, and text message communication.

(Recently Completed Activities - Summary Page with
Communication History)

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Columns to Display

As they are with the Completed Events and Completed Tasks, the displayed columns for the Communications section are editable. As with the object sub-list view, not all data columns will have relevant data, depending on the activity type. For example, email activity types will never have a call duration or call time. In these cases, the column appears blank.

You can change which items display as columns in the different sections. To do this, click the Edit button to open the interface shown below. Then click the boxes next to the items you wish to have shown.

(Column Selections
for Communications)

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When you're ready, click Save.

View vs. Edit / Delete

Some recently completed activities remain editable when shown in the sub-object view (tasks, events). Dialer history activities (outbound calls, inbound calls, SMS) are NOT editable, but appear only with a View link, which will take the user to the activity detail page.

Call logs that also include a subject entry also display as a hyperlink to the activity detail page. This is consistent with the way tasks and events are presented.

(View Link for Dialer History Activities)
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Email and fax tasks still operate as they did before (i.e., with Edit / Del links, and the Subject hyperlinking to the activity detail).

New Activity Detail Pages

You can click the View link or message subject for a dialer activity log. The activity details will display according to its respective type. The types of activities available include:

  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Text Messages
  • Inbound Text Messages
  • Email and Fax Details
  • PowerSocial Generic Messages and Connection Invitations

Manage Sublists

The additional activity history columns are also on the Manage Sublists tool in the Admin tab. The fields have been added to leads, accounts, contacts, deals, and cases.

The field additions function with the save, load, and set default options in the Manage Sublists tool.

(Activity History Fields - Manage Sublists)
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