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An agent can use the Set Callback function to arrange a time to call a prospect. A record flagged for a callback will automatically rotate into the user's dialer queue in the PowerDialer at the specified date and time along with a notice that it has done so because it was set as a callback.

To set a callback, click the Set Callback button in the dialer panel while you have an active record open. This will open the flyout interface for setting the callback.

Time Zone Auto-Adjust

Notice when you set the callback that there are two "time" input areas, one for you, one for the callback recipient. To help your reps make sure they get the time correct, the two times correlate to your location, and the location of the callback recipient based on their area code.

When you update one side of the callback time, the other auto-adjusts to match the correct time based on the differing time zone locations (obviously if they're both in the same time zone, they'll show the same time).

Subject and Description

You're not required to enter a subject or description for your callbacks. If you want to quickly input a subject line that says "Callback," click the [ Callback ] link. Enter a description as needed.

Viewing Set Callbacks

You can view up to 30-days' worth of set callbacks in the dialer using the View Pending Callbacks panel action.

From here you can modify or delete any callbacks you own. If you want to view the lead record assigned to the callback, click the Load action.

You also can view pending callbacks for any individual lead or contact by visiting the associated record in the LMP database.

If the Pending Callbacks section doesn't appear, click the + edit content button and add it to your layout.

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