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Inbound Records Tabs

The PowerDialer uses a tabbed view for working with multiple inbound records simultaneously. Records opened by an incoming call open in a new tab rather than closing the current record.

Previously, the Inbound tab in the PowerDialer could only display a single record at a time. This presented a problem when an agent was wrapping up one inbound call, but was still available to take additional call -- if the agent received a new inbound call while wrapping up, the Inbound tab immediately displayed the new, incoming record, and left the previous one, discarding any unsaved work he or she was finishing. This caused a risk for lost data and discouraged agents from making themselves available to take additional calls while wrapping up, or to take the proper time to wrap up it thoroughly. The new Inbound tabs solves these problems.

Tab View

The inbound records tabs in the PowerDialer look as pictured below. A maximum of three tabs can be open at one time.

( LRM Record View With Tabs)
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Here is the same view zoomed in on the tabs themselves:

(Inbound Records Tabs)
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Click on any of the names to view that record in detail. Pressing the X button on any tab will close it out. The Save function remain in its previous place on the dialer pad. Note that closing the tab does not initiate a save -- this must be done with the usual Save button before you close the record.

At any time, you can also hover your mouse over one of the tabs without clicking on it to view a little more information about that record:

(Hovering Mouse Over Inbound Tab)
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Maximum Records Warning

When an agent ends a call and has the maximum three inbound tabs open, they will be unable to leave the "Unavailable" status until at least one is closed. To alert them, they will see the following flyout over the records window:

(Maximum Open Tabs Warning)
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Clicking OK or X will close the window and allow the agent to return to editing the records.

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