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Defining KPI Filters

In order for certain KPIs to interact with PowerStandings, you'll need to set up the KPI Filters. To tell if the KPI requires you to set up filters, notice its designation under the Setup Type column on the KPI list page. A KPI marked "Manual" requires you to set up a filter in order to use it.

(Setup Types on KPI List Page)
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Keep in mind that you only need to set up filters for the specific "Manual" KPIs that you want to use.

Follow these steps to set up the filters for a KPI.

Click Edit next to the KPI you want to use on the KPI list page.

Click the "Set Filters" button next to the "Define KPI" label on the Edit KPI page. Clicking this button brings up the KPI criteria dialog. We'll use the "Appointments Set" KPI as an example.

(Set Filters Button on Edit KPI Page)
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Set your KPI filters to match the way your company records this particular action or item. In the example below, the KPI is triggered whenever a Lead, either by creation or editing, enters a Lead Status Field that's equal to Appointment Set. In other words, the KPI will count up whenever a lead enters the "Appointment Set" lead status.

(Set Filter Window)
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You can add additional filters using the Add Filter button, or remove a filter by clicking the X next to it. If you have more than one criteria, ALL the filter conditions have to be met to trigger the KPI.

When you're finished, click Save.

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