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Managing Teams

Here's how to set up the teams that will work together within PowerStandings. Go to the Administrative tab and click Manage PowerStandings then PowerStandings Teams.

This will take you to a list of the current teams that exist in your system. From this page you can edit, delete, or create a new team. Click Edit next to an existing team you'd like to edit, or click Create New Team to continue to the page for editing a team.

(Manage Teams Page)
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Team Settings

(Team Settings)
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Enter a name for the team in the Team Name field.

Using the Target KPIs field, select the KPI that is most important to you.

Team Members

The Team Members section lets you choose which agents belong to this PowerStandings team by selecting from regular teams. Notice that agents can only be a member of one team at one time. To make agents a member of the team, click roles to highlight them, and then use the arrow buttons to move them from "Available" to "Selected."

(Team Members)
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Notification Settings

The Notification Type dropdown controls what kind of notifications agents will see as they use the PowerDialer.

(Notification Settings)
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There are three settings:

  • None turns off all notifications for members of this team.
  • Adaptive uses survey responses and other inputs to customize the selection of notifications for each user.
  • Normal uses a standard set of notifications for all membesr of this team.
The Frequency dropdown allows you to determine how often notifications will appear to users. There are two settings:
  • High incorporates a fairly constant stream of information, as users change places in an event or reach milestones.
  • Low limits the information to notifications informing the user that they have passed another user in the standings.

The Standings Bar

One of the most important aspects on the Edit Team page is the Standings Bar settings at the top of the page.

For agents assigned to a team, the standings bar will display at the top of the window when agents are in the PowerDialer. This replaces the Daily Metrics Bar.

Each widget shows the KPI being tracked, how many times the agent has performed the KPI, (labeled "You" here on the editing page) how many times the agent just ahead of them on the team has performed the KPI, (labeled "Next" here on the editing page) and the agent's rank on the team for meeting that KPI. Note: if the agent is in first place, it will show the agent just behind them instead.

(Standings Bar Widget)
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Each team's Standings Bar can contain up to 6 widgets. You can change which widgets will display, the order in which they appear, and what they do. Click on a blank slot to create a new widget. Hover over a widget and click the X to delete a widget, or click the pencil icon to edit it. You can also drag widgets and drop them onto different widget slots on the Standings Bar.

(Delete, Edit, or Add a widget)
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When editing a widget, choose "KPI" for type, and then choose which KPI you want the widget to display. Then choose the date range for the stats to include.

(Edit Widget Window)
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Displaying the Standings Bar in your LMP Sidebar

You can also display a version of this bar in the sidebar in the native LMP environment:

(Standings Bar in LMP Sidebar)
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To activate it on the follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Administrative tab and click Toolbox Settings
  2. Highlight PowerStandings and use the arrow button to move it to the "Active" list.
  3. Click Save.

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