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Call Center Reports

CDR Report

By default, your system includes one call center report, the CDR Report. The CDR (Call Detail Record) engine tracks activity that takes place internally with the dialer servers, and provides a detailed breakdown of individual calls, linked to a user.

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Pay particular attention to the filters area of this report:
Filter Description
Source/ANI This is the phone number that call recipient saw as the agent's caller ID. This can be the agent's desk phone number, the caller ID listed for a particular dialer initiative, or a phone number linked to's local presence telephony system. This can be useful if you want to filter calls by a particular caller ID, for example, you wanted to look at all calls made using your (714) area code local presence phone number.
Destination/DNIS The phone number the dialer server attempted to reach. Obviously this is how you would filter calls to a particular record.
Duration This filter lets you view calls that are greater than, less than, or equal to a particular call duration. This is typically used to find calls that exceed a certain length (i.e., you want to hone in on calls where agents had extended conversations)
Cost Similar to the Duration filter, cost tracks how much each call decremented from your dialer minutes pool.
Call Type This filter limits the results according to which telephony system originated the call. The PowerDialer and Inbound ACD will by far be the most common filters.
Call Leg If you're familiar with's 2-Leg call structure (and after reading this guide, you should be), this filter limits the report results to only show the client leg, agent leg, or both. If you're tracking the length of a particular call to a Lead record, for example, you might want to limit the filter to just the Client legs.

Fax Reports

The fax reports are used to track the success or failure of sending fax templates using the Fax system. They are all very similar to the CDR Report in most material respects.

Leads Reports

Daily Dial Attempts Report

This simple report is designed to show you how many "early dials" (records that have had less than four call attempts made) have been made on a particular day. This is particularly important for tracking first dial attempts to fresh leads; your total first dial attempts on any given day should correlate to the number of leads generated that day.

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Employee Dial Attempts Report

Similar to the Daily Attempts report, only it breaks down the call attempt numbers by employee. This is useful to see, because it helps you see which employees are being asked to make initial contacts to incoming leads, and to make sure that your lead routing/distribution rules are working the way you want. Again, the total number of first dial attempts should correlate closely to the number of new Leads added to your system.

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Employees Reports

Daily Activity Summary Report

This report compiles a total view of dial impressions and composite CDR data for individual employees. Typically, a manager/Sysadmin is looking to correlate dials to connected calls and answers (if there's a big discrepancy, it means the rep is probably "playing the system").

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Daily Status Summary Report

This report shows the total Lead Status "movement" for all records "touched" by agents that day. Most of the time you're looking for outliers here—is one agent disqualifying a lot of leads, is one setting a lot of appointments, but few of them get held, etc.

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Monthly Activity Trend Report

This report shows a running line graph of agents' total dial impressions for the month. Again, the idea is to track outliers, or major discrepancies between agents performing similar roles.

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Monthly Status Trend Report

This report is designed to help you chart your historical Lead workflow from month to month. In essence, it allows you to chart how many leads were logged in a particular status across a given 30-day period. Very useful for tracking total appointments set, correlating them to appointments held, as well as charting overall progress with your lead contacting activities.

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You will need to update the filter option for Lead Status to see the various data types.

Local Presence Reports

LocalPresence Outbound Success Report

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This report links outbound calls made with the PowerDialer and Click-to-Call features to the LocalPresence™ numbers, and calculates the number of responses.

LocalPresence Inbound Success Report

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Like the Outbound Success Report, this shows the number of inbound calls that originate from a LocalPresence number. This can help you see how effectively LocalPresence™ is working in getting call-ins relative to total inbound traffic.

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