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Dialer Cache Dashboard

Dialer initiatives are a defining feature of the dialer systems, helping agents make more phone calls, do it more efficiently, and target the right prospects at the right times.

While not a part of the Reports Tab we wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Dialer Initiatives Dashboard along with this section on reporting. This feature gives you a fast, elegant way to track which records are included (or excluded) from a particular dialer initiative. Furthermore, it provides a way to determine if a particular record is actually within an initiative at any given time, based on the initiative criteria.

The Dashboard Page

The main dashboard tool can be accessed by going to:

Administrative Tab > Dialer Initiatives > View Dialer Cache Dashboard Button

(View Dialer Cache Dashboard Button)
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The dashboard itself is comprised of three basic areas, or “pages”:

  • The main landing page area
  • The quick “pop-up” summary that can be accessed by mousing over a particular campaign
  • The drill-down search option that lets you see if a particular record is, or is not included in a given initiative.

Main Landing Area

This page shows an overview of all currently active initiatives, both dynamic and static. It shows the total number of records in each initiative, and the number of records dialed since the initiative last updated, and the percentage of total leads called (if it’s a static initiative, the number of records in the initiative won’t change).

To see a quick summary, hover the mouse over one of the listed initiatives, and a small pop-up will appear. This gives a tally breakdown of records that should be included in the initiative, as well as any exceptions, specifically:

  • records that have been called too recently, and so were not included,
  • and any records that have a dialer callback currently scheduled.

(Hover Mouse to Show Initiative Summary)
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(Initiative Summary Close-up)
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Record Detail Listing

To get a more detailed list of names currently in the initiative, double-click on the progress bar of any listed initiative. A second window will pop up.

As shown in the screenshot, this page allows you to see the actual names, and the order in which they are scheduled to call. It also lets you to search for a particular name to see if it was included or not.

(Record Name List)
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When you run a search, if it finds more than one potential match, it will display the names in a list. To select the name you are looking for, click the radial button.

If the searched name is not included in the initiative, the system will show a breakdown of why, showing the initiative criteria and the potential values that would exclude the record, and the actual value of the field in the record.

(Searched Name Not Included in Initiative)
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