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Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing refers to the holistic process of converting raw sales Leads, many of whom are not currently ready to buy, into viable opportunities over time.

Sales industry data from a variety of sources shows that sales cycles are taking longer, prospects are getting farther down the buying cycle before engaging with vendors, and that they not only want but expect to have companies provide information while they consider their options (research firm IDC states that 80 percent of sales inquiries buy from someone in their target vendor market within 24 months).

As a result, sales teams are increasingly receiving inquiries from people who may not realistically be buying for six, twelve, or eighteen months.

Prior to the Internet, in many cases Leads with that long of a turnaround time would get tossed into a "fire and forget" pile, where the rep may (or more often not) call them back, or maintain contact.

The makes it easy to create more sustainable, effective lead nurturing practices. Not having a nurturing strategy guarantees your competition will close sales you could, and often should, have won.

Using for Nurturing

Many of's primary tools are geared around immediate lead response—Dialer Initiatives, ELF, ResponsePop, email and voice message templates, and so on.

But when aligned to longer-term nurturing strategies, those same tools can provide a huge benefit in helping you stay in contact with prospects.

For example, our own sales team has literally closed deals from prospects where a live agent never had a single phone conversation with them for 12 months or more—the opportunity was generated purely from lead nurturing done via ELF email campaigns.

The following table gives a breakdown of the common nurturing tools, and potential strategies for each.

Feature Strategies
  • Long-term email "drip" campaigns—90-day, 6-month, 12-month, 18- or 24-month. Flag Leads by status, and create a content "trail" that goes out to educate and keep top of mind awareness.
  • Periodic ResponsePops at various intervals to automatically attempt to connect agents with decision-makers.
  • JabberDog instances as reminders for follow-up, or to announce promotions linked to your ELF.
  • Automatic follow-up calendar events/tasks to reach specific Leads at various intervals.
Dialer Initiatives
  • Create Initiatives that query the database for longer-term, "aged," or inactive Leads, and design custom calling campaigns (with associated collateral) to reach them.
  • Fine-tune existing collateral messaging (email & voicemail). Conduct split tests on response effectiveness.
  • Split test timing of calls, time of day.
  • Establish Dialer Initiative, ELF, and agent response strategies based on the information the prospect requested. White papers vs. customer testimonials, product demo vs. pricing request, etc.
  • Split test offer types.
  • Split test voice message recordings.
  • Split test email subject headings.

The idea is to educate a prospect who's not ready to buy. Immediate response to Leads drives higher contact rates, and gets reps in more conversations, but if a prospect is not in the right phase of their buying cycle, invest the time to create solid nurturing strategies and practices.

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