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Response Management - Overview

  • How to have Leads posted into your database directly over the Web.
  • How to integrate with various third-party Lead Providers.
  • How to use the patented ResponsePop tool to link incoming Leads directly to an ACD for a live response in seconds.
  • How to create Lead Routing Rules to distribute Leads to your agents to have more effective contact and qualifying efforts.

Practical Scenarios

  • Configure for an integration with a lead provider. Incorporate custom fields, static values, duplicate check, user notification, and response management. Demonstrate that you can submit a sample post string to the custom posting URL.
  • Configure an existing website integration to trigger a response pop through an existing ACD.
  • Build an ELF campaign to initiate a combination of email drip marketing and "call now."
  • Create routing rules for leads that come in from a lead provider for allocating to agents. Incorporate skills, lottery ratios, and varied agent work schedules.

Getting Started's Response Management tools are built with one thing in mind—responding to incoming Leads within minutes, even seconds of their arrival.

Over the past five years, research done in conjunction with the Harvard Business Review, MIT, and others, consistently demonstrates that the majority of sales teams don't have the right processes or technology in place to effectively respond to their leads.

Almost across the board, organizations don't respond fast enough, persistently enough, and strategically enough, and as a result, sales and marketing teams leave significant revenue to "wither on the vine."

Common symptoms include Lead inquiries getting left in a manager's email inbox for hours, even days—aging the Leads and decreasing their value. Then, once a Lead gets handed off, the sales rep makes one, maybe two attempts at making contact before they give up.

The end result is reps lose deals they could have, and SHOULD have won, simply because they're not giving themselves the opportunity to do so.

Before You Start

The most important thing you can do to effectively use the response management tools is have a list, or map, of sources of Leads, and how the contact information for those Leads gets processed.

This might include:

  • A list of forms on your corporate Web site where prospects can request information or contact you.
  • A chart of the Lead qualification process, including the names of managers/agents who "touch" new Leads, how inquiries get routed.
  • A clear definition of what makes a Lead "qualified," or "unqualified."
  • A process for giving the highest value leads, based on source and Lead score, the most attention fastest.

The API includes a powerful set of back-end database management tools accessible through our system API (application programming interface). Through the API, Web programmers can create sophisticated integrations between and other Web applications. All database actions—add data, edit, export, etc.—are available through the API.

We won't focus on the API in this guide, though higher-level certifications will go into it in depth. The key point is to understand that many Response Management tools rely on the API to function. The API allows the system to perform actions that are "invisible" to users through the back end, and can streamline and dramatically improve data management processes.

For example, in the system, there's an API command to add new Leads to your database, that "listens" for instructions. When the command gets triggered, the API takes information supplied to it, and adds a new Lead record. At the same time, we could instruct the API to send that same Lead information out to another server standing by.

These are typical Response Management activities—creating automated rules and systems that speed up lead response and streamline workflow, to help generate bottom-line revenue.

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