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Routing to Agents Based on Area Code

NOTE: By default this setting is not available unless activated by your representative. If you are interested in using this feature, contact your representative and let them know.

You can specifically limit agent access to inbound calls based on call origination.

To do this, area code restrictions can now be made as a per-employee setting. For most purposes, the easiest way to determine origination is by the area code of the inbound call.

Area code blocks can be defined on a tool page, where admins can create and manage the area codes contained in each block. These blocks can then be assigned to employees. When enabled, the area code blocks act as a "white list" from which the employee can receive calls. Calls originating from other area codes will not route to the employee, even if they would normally be available.

Since in some cases you may not want to enforce the area code "white lists" universally for all agents, a an ACD option is also available to enforce (or not enforce) the area code restrictions with each ACD.

Use Cases

Here are some examples to help you visualize the feature in action.

Case 1 - Standard Behavior

  1. Admin creates area code groups for users, and assigns them to agents.
  2. The user logs in to an ACD, and is set available.
  3. An inbound call comes in from an area code in the user's defined "white list."
  4. The ACD follows standard routing procedures, and routes the call to the user.

Case 2 - Blocked Area Code

  1. User logs in to an ACD and is set to available.
  2. An inbound call comes in, but the call's area code is not in the user's white list.
  3. The system treats the user as an invalid agent, and does not forward the call or present a CTI screen pop.
  4. The user remains in the same place in queue, and their availability status and status duration do not change.
  5. The server continues to search for a valid, available agent until the ACD timeout is reached.

Creating Area Code Groups

First, use the Area Code Group Editor to create sets of area codes which can then be easily applied to multiple users.

Administrative Tab Link

The area code groups in the employee layout field is controlled by a set of tools. A link to the main tool page is located on the Administrative Tab, entitled Manage Area Code Groups.

Manage Area Code Groups Link
Click to view larger image.

(This is controlled by a page permission called “Link: Manage Area Code Groups.” By default, this page permission will not be enabled. If your InsideSales representative has enabled this feature, but you can't see the link. Go to the Manage Permissions link and make sure the box next to the "Link: Manage Area Code Groups" listing is checked. It is located under the Administrative heading.)

List Page

When you click the Manage Area Code Groups link, you'll get to the list overview page which shows the current area code groups. Here you can edit or delete any groups you already have. The "Area Codes" column header shows the total number of area codes assigned to each group.

Manage Area Code Groups - Main Page
Click to view larger image.

Click Create Area Code Group or one of the Edit links to go to the Add / Edit Area Code Group Tool.

Add / Edit Area Code Group Tool

The tool to add or edit area code groups looks like this:

Add / Edit Area Code Group Tool
Click to view larger image.

Enter a name for the group in the Group Name field. Then add the desired area codes in the Add Area Codes field and press the button of the same name. You can add more than one area code at a time by separating them with commas. Area codes can be removed from the list by clicking the (x) next to each one.

Click the Save button to update all changes to the group, and return the user to the main group list page. Cancel does not save any changes, and returns you to the main group page.

Activating the Feature for an Individual Employee

Now that you have created your area code groups, you can assign them to your employees.

Go to:

Administrative Tab > Manage Employees > View Employees

Then click the name of the employee you want to edit. Then click Edit.

Once you're on the the Edit Employee Page, you'll see a field entitled Limit Inbound Calls to Area Code Groups. employee layout editor in It contains a list of area code groups you have created.

Limit Inbound Calls to Area Code Groups Field
Click to view larger image.

The Limit Inbound Calls to Area Code Groups box has no groups selected by default. When no groups are selected, the user will be eligible to take calls from all area codes.

The selection field is a multi-select field, where you can click or CTRL-click the area code blocks. Select one or more groups to enable the restrictions. The groups you select will be the ones from which the user will be able to receive calls.

Editing the Limit Inbound Calls to Area Code
Groups Field

Click to view larger image.

After inputting your selections, click Save to finalize your choices.

Activating the Feature for Multiple Employees at a Time

If you have a lot of employees who need to be using this feature, it can be time-consuming to edit each employee's settings individually. To alter area code routing settings en masse, use the Area Code Group Editor in conjunction with the Mass Update Tool. First, create groups of area codes using the Area Code Group Editor and then apply them to multiple employees at once with the Mass Update Tool.

Mass Update

Once you've made your area code groups, it's easy to apply them across multiple employees using the Mass Update Tool. This tool is located at:

Administrative Tab > Manage Employees > View Employees

Go to the Mass Update dropdown at the bottom of the page and use it to select Limit Inbound By Area Code from under the Assign / Deassign heading within the dropdown.

Mass Update Action Link
Click to view larger image.

Simply check the boxes next the the employees you wish to edit and select the Limit Inbound By Area Code option from the dropdown menu.

This will bring up a dialogue box which gives you the ability to add or remove selected area code groups from the set of employees you selected. Select whether you wish to add or remove the groups, then click or CTRL-click to select the group names.

Limit Inbound Calls to Selected Area Codes - Mass Update.
Click to view larger image.

When you're satisfied with your selections, click Update Items to finalize your choices.

Option Per ACD

Lastly, you'll need to activate the option for your ACD. Even once restrictions are set for each user, they can still receive calls from any area code unless the restrictions are also enforced at the ACD level. This way the same employees can be restricted to calls from particular area codes in one ACD (for example, a sales line if they are only licensed to sell in certain states) but still receive calls from any area code in another ACD (for example, a customer service line where this licensing issue does not apply). This is done with a simple ON / OFF checkbox on the edit page for the ACD itself.

This is located at:

Administrative Tab > ACD Manager > Edit

ACD Setting
Click to view larger image.

Check the box to enable the area code restrictions and click Save.

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